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German Duo FJAAK Drops Explosive New Album of Epic Techno Anthems

“The basses have to bang, and they bang most in the club,” declares Aaron Röbig, one half of the German duo FJAAK. Livestreaming their sets, they enthrall viewers with infectious energy: heads bobbing, hips shaking, hands swiping the air in self-congratulation, all while vaping and chugging beers. Despite playing larger stages now, not much has changed for these two friends from Spandau, a suburban district in Berlin. They even hosted the forest rave that secured their first gig at Panorama Bar. FJAAK’s latest album, “FJAAK THE SYSTEM,” embodies their passion for exhilaration. It features their signature multi-layered “big basses,” ravey breaks, and massive drops, with some refreshing detours into less explored musical territory.

FJAAK loves their tracks to go “bam,” and before dropping their LP, they curated a DJ-ready, vinyl-only EP featuring some of the album’s most electrifying tunes. “Redemption” offers groovy, menacing acid techno, ideal for building up to a peak in their DJ sets. “Mechanic Love” harks back to their massive 2015 white label “Rush,” with anthemic diva vocals sure to inspire hands-in-the-air moments. The cavernous breakdown in “Hustle” is a true showstopper, and the ramping intensity of the kick is jaw-dropping—creating a full-body experience even through headphones.

“FJAAK THE SYSTEM” takes listeners on a journey through everything that defines FJAAK, weaving in UK rave and IDM influences with a deep respect for the Black roots of techno. Their expert technical skills shine throughout the album, even in the intricate and intense interludes. With 23 tracks, “FJAAK THE SYSTEM” far surpasses the scope of their self-titled album, which once felt definitive. Despite their massive success in dance music, FJAAK hasn’t changed direction. This LP reinforces why they’ve remained at the top of their game for so long—because if the system isn’t broken, there’s no need to fix it. Just FJAAK it.


01. Unity feat. Red Eye

02. And You Feel

03. Redemption

04. Horsepower feat. Modeselektor

05. Mechanic Love

06. The Deal

07. Sandstorm

08. Flashback

09. Hustle

10. Scratchy

11. Vertical

12. Black Ice feat. Skee Mask

13. Breath Underwater

14. Stargazer

15. Scoop

16. Timesqueezed

17. Wind Mill Hill feat. J. Manuel

18. Glove Box

19. Nyx

20. Dreamweaver

21. Ringworld

22. Pentatonic Light

23. Micro Expressions