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Darren Cunningham

Actress Unveils Upcoming Album ‘STATIK’

Electronic producer Actress, the moniker of Darren Cunningham, has announced his upcoming LP ‘Statik,’ which will be released on July 7 through the Oslo-based label Smalltown Supersound.

The announcement was made via an Instagram post, where Actress also unveiled two singles from the album: ‘Dolphin Spray’ and ‘Static.’ These tracks highlight different aspects of Actress’s musical range. ‘Dolphin Spray’ is an energetic, bouncy track featuring shimmering synth arpeggios, while ‘Static’ offers a more introspective experience with its ambient, buzzing soundscapes.

This album marks Actress’s first full-length collaboration with Smalltown Supersound, a partnership that developed naturally after his remix of a track from Carmen Villain’s ‘Only Love From Now On’ LP. Fans eagerly await the new dimensions of sound that ‘Statik’ promises to deliver.

Calm and meditative, the album is intended to be a transcendental experience. Listeners are taken on a journey through “nocturnal cityscapes,” traveling “around Saturn’s rings and past Pluto’s moons,” and immersed in “influential visions of aquatic realms, such as the mythical Atlantis.” This atmospheric voyage promises to be both otherworldly and deeply reflective.


1. Hell

2. Static

3. My Ways

4. Rainlines

5. Ray

6. Six

7. Cafe Del Mars

8. Dolphin Spray

9. System Verse

10. Doves Over Atlantis

11. Mello Checx