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I. Jordan’s ‘This Is Jordan’ Debut Album: A Powerful Self-Expression

The past five years have been anything but easy for Doncaster-born producer and DJ I. JORDAN. Navigating the challenges of being repeatedly deadnamed during their public transition and rising to prominence in the dance music scene during a pandemic that halted live performances, finding stability seemed nearly impossible.

Fortunately, constant change is I. JORDAN’s strength. “I feel happy being in a constant state of transition, that nothing is ever still,” they told DJ Mag. This perspective is reflected in their music: I. JORDAN is known for tracks that continually evolve and transform, filled with joy and crafted with vibrant sound design.

With its driving rhythms and radiant soundscapes, euphoria is the goal of Jordan’s debut album, I AM JORDAN. Yet, beneath the polished surface of each track lies deep emotion. Jordan explores personal and communal themes in I AM JORDAN, presenting the album as a tribute to both trans individuals and their own working-class roots in Doncaster.

Thematically, “People Want Nice Things” stands out as the album’s focal point. The track features vocals from Jordan recording themselves saying “people want nice things” every ten months, tracking the changes in their voice during hormone replacement therapy.

This detail adds depth to a track that, like the rest of the album, reveals more light as it unfolds—both deeply personal and universally relatable. Balancing introspection with the importance of community and friendship, I AM JORDAN is energizing music that brings joy and catharsis, offering loud, radical encouragement to the communities that supported I. JORDAN on their journey.