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Moby’s New Release: ‘Where Is Your Pride?’ Featuring the Late Benjamin Zephaniah

Moby has unveiled a fresh track featuring the late dub poet and animal rights advocate Benjamin Zephaniah, who passed away in December 2023 at the age of 65.

The song, titled ‘Where Is Your Pride?’, includes Zephaniah’s spoken word poetry over a breakbeat, delivering a strong message in his distinctive, flowing style. Speaking about the track, Moby shared: “As a vegan activist and a wise, compassionate individual, Benjamin inspired me for many years.”

“I hope that ‘Where Is Your Pride?’ honors his legacy and also brings attention to his life, work, and values,” he added.

The track will be part of Moby’s 22nd studio album, ‘Always Centered at Night,’ set to release next month on June 14. The album features 13 tracks with contributions from serpentwithfeet, Lady Blackbird, and more.

‘Always Centered at Night’ also highlights both emerging and established artists from around the globe, including Sudan’s Gaidaa, Burundian artist J.P. Bimeni, and Jamaica’s Aynzli Jones.

The album is set to explore a variety of genres, including soul, jazz, breakbeat, trip hop, broken beat, Latin house, and even elements of drum ‘n’ bass, spread across 13 tracks.

This September, Moby will begin his first tour in over a decade, with stops in London, Manchester, Antwerp, Berlin, Paris, and more. Find tickets here, and take a look at the tracklist and artwork for ‘Always Centered at Night’ below.