Versatile Hip Hop artist iGoByLC teams up with J. Penny once again for the single “Range.” The Joliet native had previously collaborated with the talented artist on “Best of Me” that came out four months ago in May.

Highly influenced by the Chicago music scene, iGoByLC began his musical journey with the project “The Canvas.” Having been part of a choir from an early age, the rapper masterfully incorporates chorale melodies with hardcore beats, flaunting his Hip-Hop swag and bringing a unique energy to the genre.

The first verse of “Range” starts strong and upright: “Got her own she don’t wanna owe me/ But I got a gift, it’ll take more than a couple frames just to picture where we goin/ That’s way way up/ This more than a payday for us/ I’m coming in the game hella clutch/ Might be late but the gang what I trust/ Like I’m in LA during rush hour/ Switchin’ lanes tryna get ahead a few cars/ I’m creepin’ on a come up as I tap into some new power/ Smokin’ on that jawbreaker cuz these haters be too sour/ I stay with that gas, my engine can’t be too much louder.”

iGoByLC and J.Penny later spice it up with the chorus: “I’m in this heaux, chillin dripping like water (It’s gettin’ drippy baby)/ Came with this little spicy lookin like salsa (Spicy spicy spicy)/ She love everything that I have to offer (What you need)/ Don’t play no games but I got range like a Texas Walker.” 

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