Innovative Singer Vinny Lunar Releases Catchy Fusion Track Called “Hai Rama”

Versatile artist Vinny Lunar drops another resonating track full of compassion, mixed genres and soothing vocals. Titled “Hai Rama”, the track embodies authentic pop with a twist of Indian sounds and Western tunes.  

As an experimental singer, Vinny Lunar transcends his meaningful compositions through his raw artistic spirit of capturing his adventurous journey of life through different cultures such as India, Germany, Sweden and Australia, which is present in each of his songs. Vinny Lunar dabbles in and out of various genres, including R&B, electronica, and South-Asian melodies which allow him to differentiate from his peers. 

His newly released song “Hai Rama” packs a set of catchy verses and chorus while the artist’s vocals give the track its meaningful value. Make sure to give Vinny Lunar’s latest fusion a listen and save it on your playlist!

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