ipartywithghosts Welcomes Everybody To Booville With “Save Me, I’m All Alone”

Producer and talented writer, ipartywithghosts, shares the single “Save Me, I’m All Alone.” The track is accompanied by a music video that consoles the lonely and the broken, “There is a place where no one needs to be lonely. This place is called Booville.”

In the visuals of “Save Me, I’m All Alone,” , ipartywithghosts cries for help. In a genuine statement he admits, “This is the first music video I have officially put together for a long time. I’ve struggled with mental health issues for most of 2022, and would really appreciate any and/or all help. Thanks.”

“Save me from the storms inside my bones,” say the lyrics that are complemented with the story written in the clip, “In Booville, all things are spooky. And witches are more common than birds. In Booville, old curses bring old toys to life. And the woods are the only way home. Even for the very woods themselves. In Booville, kings don’t need to save princesses. And ghosts will never hurt you.”

Ipartywithghosts says that “Save Me, I’m All Alone” explores “loneliness, optimism, alternative filmmaking, and the electro pop genre all at once.” The artist invites everyone to Booville, a safe place where “being yourself isn’t very difficult at all, because who you are is what ultimately makes you boo-tiful.”

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Listen to the “Save Me, I’m All Alone” here:


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