Singer-songwriter Kelly Monrow’s most recent album Scars Of Venus cements the artists identity and her cause for the proliferation of the self-love perspective for women everywhere. Monrow explains, “This album is a celebratory crossover of me finding my voice through Covid when the world stopped, I started discovering parts of my artistry I never knew. Every word I wrote on this album comes straight from the heart”

The 12-track record includes songs like “Down Your Spine,” “Wounds,” “Go For Gold,” “Wake Up,” “Pain Turns To Love,” and “The Woman,” which comes with a music video directed by Lanz Pierce, who also worked with Monrow on the visuals for “Jagged Heart,” released a few months before Scars of Venus came out.

“Jagged Heart” is a radio-ready pop track that adds freshness and familiarity to the LP with its lighthearted and fun energy. Monrow introduces the first verse singing: “I’ve got no doubt in my head/ I’ve got that heat in my step/ I’m gonna sleep when I’m dead/ keep on rollin rollin/ Down in the river flow/ No matter where I go/ That greener grass gon grow/ Keep on rollin rollin/ In my sweet illumination dancing with no complications I feel so alive.”

The song perfectly fits on the new tracklist, encouraging women to embrace all of their parts, including the broken ones. Self-love and self-appreciation lie at the heart of this empowering track, “Jagged little heart/ Wild from the start/ All broken parts/ Are part of your life/ Love the way you are/ Beating with the scars/ All your broken parts are perfectly fine.” 

Kelly Monrow is slowly moving away from Country to create more Rock and Pop music. That transition is crystal clear in Scars of Venus. The Americana musician reveals when talking about the album, “I am at a place in my life where I feel I am a vessel to maybe share a life experience or feeling that will help someone or make them feel something healing or just to feel joy or being alive. We all are much more alike than we realize and sharing in the human experience is a beautiful thing.”

Watch the Official Video for “Jagged Heart” here:

Listen to the full Scars of Venus album here:


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