Northern California singer-songwriter Madam Bandit looks for reassurance in her latest release “Lie To Me.” The Electro-Pop banger follows her 2022 6-track EP Punch You In the Face that includes the songs “Gin & Tonic,” “At the Disco,” “Punctured Lungs,” and “Psycho Killer.”

“Lie To Me” is full of percussive details and guitar melodies. It starts with simple chords and rhythmic arrangements that are supported by Bandit’s compelling vocals. The desperation and longing is eminent in her voice as she sings:  “There was a time/ There was a place/ When it was real/ And you kept me like all of the/ Secrets you keep safe/ My broken heart/ Your poker face/ It’s all in the cards/ But I’m casually cool to/ Keep playing the game.”

Bandit demands a world of reassurance even if it is filled with lies, “Lie to me, lie to me/ Lie to me, lie to me/ We could try to be, try to be more/ More like lovers/ Lie to me, lie to me/ Lie to me, lie to me/ I would die to be, die to be yours/ Be your lover Lie to me, lie to me.”

Prior to becoming Madam Bandit, the artist was widely known as Mindy Gledhill with songs like “I Do Adore” and “Anchor.” She’s released multiple indie albums and secured placements with major brands and TV shows, garnering tens of millions of plays on streaming platforms and YouTube.  Gledhill also featured in Grammy nominated DJ Kaskade’s works.

Exploring themes of sexual liberation and feminism, Bandit fully embraces her Pop alter ego and tends to continue her musical career in that direction. “Lie to Me” is a revelatory song that she wrote almost 2 years ago. Gledhill says that she created the track “for television but loved it so much that decided to release it. It’s perfect for your darkpop, Halloween playlists.”

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