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Netsky and Dillon Francis Deliver Infectious Club Anthem with “Nobody Likes The Records That I Play”

Belgium’s Netsky and the US-based Dillon Francis have come together to gift the electronic music world with a high-octane collaboration that’s as infectious as it is fun. Titled “Nobody Likes The Records That I Play,” this track is a testament to the duo’s versatility and knack for crafting club-ready hits.

Both Netsky and Dillon Francis have carved out their own niches in the electronic music scene, with Netsky known for his prowess in drum and bass and Francis for his eclectic blend of house and dubstep, infused with his trademark humor. Despite their different styles, the pairing of these two veterans is a match made in musical heaven.

From the moment the track kicks off with its irresistible bassline and driving claps, it’s clear that “Nobody Likes The Records That I Play” is destined for dancefloor domination. The urgency and energy it exudes make it a perfect fit for peak hours in any club set, while the repeated refrain of the title adds a playful twist that’s characteristic of both artists’ personalities.

With its pulsating beats and witty commentary on DJ culture, this collaboration between Netsky and Dillon Francis is a surefire hit that’s bound to leave listeners wanting more. “Nobody Likes The Records That I Play” is a testament to the enduring appeal of electronic music and the creativity of its creators.

Experience the electrifying new release for yourself below and get ready to hit the dancefloor in style.