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Tiësto Surprises Fans with Radical Redemption Remix of “Lay Low”

In a week full of surprises, Tiësto continues to make headlines with a surprise remix of his hit track “Lay Low” by hardstyle maestro Radical Redemption. This unexpected collaboration adds an exciting new dimension to the already popular song.

While many assumed that the remixes for Tiësto’s “Lay Low” had run their course, the Dutch icon decided to take things up a notch by enlisting the talents of Radical Redemption, known for his expertise in rawstyle. The remix, premiered during one of Radical Redemption’s solo shows featuring a 25-piece orchestra, introduces orchestral elements that bring a fresh wave of emotion to the original.

Radical Redemption’s rendition combines the orchestral finesse with the signature brutal kicks and screechy synths that define the hardstyle genre. The surprising collaboration not only showcases the versatility of both artists but also opens the door for more exploration and cross-genre connections in electronic music.

Tiësto, traditionally associated with mainstream electronic dance music and progressive house, ventured into the unexpected by embracing a hardstyle remix for ‘Lay Low.’ The move is a significant win for the hardstyle genre, potentially drawing a broader audience into its unique soundscape.

Radical Redemption, having enjoyed a remarkable year, marked by the debut of his orchestral show, the formation of his record label Redemption Records, and the announcement of three upcoming albums, continues to make waves in the hardstyle scene. His new album, ‘No Retaliation,’ is scheduled for release in January 2024.

Tiësto’s decision to collaborate with Radical Redemption on a hardstyle remix not only surprises fans but also signals a willingness to explore and celebrate the diverse facets of electronic music.

Listen to the Radical Redemption remix of “Lay Low” here.