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Amelie Lens Releases Final Track of 2023, “You and Me,” Ahead of Maternity Leave

Techno luminary Amelie Lens, who has been graciously sharing her journey of pregnancy with her fans, bids adieu to her pre-maternity hiatus with the release of her latest track, “You and Me.” The Belgian artist, known for her electrifying performances, decided to treat her fans to one last musical gift before welcoming her baby girl.

As Lens’s pregnancy progressed, her energy remained undiminished, evident not only in her live performances at iconic venues like Tomorrowland, DC-10, and Awakenings but also in her consistent release schedule. “You and Me” joins her earlier summer releases, “Feel It” and “Radiance,” forming a trilogy set to be released on vinyl in January.

“You and Me” encapsulates the quintessence of Amelie Lens’s style. Featuring her own vocals, the track is driven by an undulating bassline and dynamic, relentless drums that are primed for the dance floor. Lens seamlessly fuses elements of techno with a touch of trance, all seasoned with her signature acidic flair. The result is a captivating, hypnotic soundscape that only Amelie Lens can craft with such audacity. The accompanying lyrics add a poetic dimension to the track, creating an atmosphere of euphoria and energy.

The verses express a cosmic theme, with lines like, “In the embrace of infinity, we become one with the pulsating universe. Surrendering to eternity, we transcend into the melody of trance and acid. We reach for the lasers and embrace the lights, entering a state of higher consciousness while floating through the sky.”

As Amelie Lens takes a well-deserved break to welcome her baby girl, her fans can relish in the sonic gift of “You and Me.” Congratulations to Amelie Lens and Farrago on the upcoming addition to their family.

Listen to “You and Me” here.