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Tensteps Unveils Dynamic New Single “Smoke & Mirrors”

Returning with unwavering momentum, Tensteps, the Las Vegas-based producer, follows up on his recent collaboration with label head Andrew Rayel with a formidable solo release titled “Smoke & Mirrors.” This latest offering further cements Tensteps’ position as a driving force in the electronic music scene, showcasing his penchant for captivating melodies and innovative production techniques.

The year 2023 proved to be a whirlwind for Tensteps, marked by relentless touring alongside Andrew Rayel and the meticulous crafting of his debut album, Infinite. Building upon this foundation, he wastes no time in unleashing two monumental releases to kick off the new year. Following the festival-ready anthem ‘Let Me Love You’ with Rayel, “Smoke & Mirrors” emerges as a testament to Tensteps’ evolution, blending vocal-focused singles with hypnotic melodies while venturing into the realm of techno influences. Reflecting on this exciting new phase, Tensteps shares:

“‘Smoke & Mirrors’ is a super special record for me because it’s the start of a new chapter of Tensteps. I’ve never experimented with the more techno-influenced side of dance music before, and I wanted to find a way to bridge the harder kicks and grittier acids with the melodies and vocals that I love. I really love this new blend of sounds I’ve spent months immersing myself in, and now I just hope the fans will appreciate it too!”

With his boundless talent and adept production skills, Tensteps’ foray into techno-infused productions promises to expand his artistic horizons and resonate with a broader audience. As the year unfolds, the American producer remains committed to pushing boundaries and exploring new sonic territories, poised to captivate his ever-growing fanbase with fresh songs and innovative styles.

Prepare to be entranced by the infectious allure of Tensteps’ latest single, “Smoke & Mirrors,” available for streaming below.