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Eli Brown’s “Believe” Receives Dynamic Reinvention from Reinier Zonneveld & Zeltak

The relentless evolution of techno continues to reshape the electronic music landscape, with each passing New Music Friday unveiling a barrage of techno bombs. Among this week’s offerings, one standout is the electrifying remix of Eli Brown‘s “Believe” by techno heavyweights Reinier Zonneveld and Zeltak. Available now on all major streaming and download platforms via Filth On Acid, this remix adds a darker, more frenetic dimension to Brown’s original track.

Originally released on Filth On Acid in early 2022, ‘Believe’ quickly established itself as one of Eli Brown’s standout hits, garnering widespread support from both Brown himself and a host of techno circuit artists. The track’s infectious melody and pulsating rhythm captivated audiences, with renowned duo Tale Of Us even delivering an unforgettable edit at Tomorrowland 2022. Fans have long awaited an official remix of this gem, and their patience has finally been rewarded with this powerful rendition from Brown, Reinier Zonneveld, and Zeltak.

The remix wastes no time in making its mark, opening with a thunderous percussion that sets the tone for what’s to come. While retaining the key elements of Brown’s original work, including its unmistakable melody, Reinier Zonneveld and Zeltak infuse the track with a newfound intensity and urgency. Breakbeats, tension, and a palpable sense of energy permeate every moment of this remix, making it tailor-made for the dancefloors of 2024. As festival season approaches, expect to hear this electrifying reimagining of ‘Believe’ reverberating through crowds worldwide.

With its seamless blend of Brown’s signature style and the dynamic creativity of Reinier Zonneveld and Zeltak, this remix is poised to ascend the charts and leave an indelible mark on the techno landscape. Experience the power of ‘Believe’ in a bold new light by listening to the remix below.