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Johan Gielen

Trance Veteran Johan Gielen Reimagines Tomcraft’s “That Beat” for Summer Bliss

As summer stretches its sun-kissed fingers towards us, Dutch producer Johan Gielen soundtracks the warm days ahead with his electrifying remix of Tomcraft‘s “That Beat.”

Gielen is a titan in the trance scene. For over three decades, he’s consistently pushed the boundaries of electronic music, solidifying his position as a genre leader. His impressive discography boasts major hits like “Twisted” and “Beauty of Silence,” showcasing both his prowess as a solo artist and his collaborative spirit (evident in projects like the enduring Airscape). The Airscape name alone carries significant weight, its uplifting soundscapes designed to induce blissful daydreams. This moniker is attached to a rich musical legacy, including acclaimed remixes of Alice Deejay’s “The Lonely One” and Safri Duo’s “Played-A-Live.”

Gielen now returns to the remixing game with his unique reimagining of “That Beat.” Speaking about the creation of this potential summer anthem, he shares: “I wanted to craft a remix that pulsed with energy while retaining a strong melodic core, something that would resonate with a wide audience.” Mission accomplished.

The original track, a progressive trance gem, is given a fresh coat of paint by Gielen, infused with new emotions and rhythms. The intensity and depth are palpable from the opening seconds. A pulsating, cavernous bassline draws you in, while ethereal melodies (a signature Airscape element) weave moments of dreamy beauty throughout. The remix seamlessly integrates these contrasting elements, offering space for contemplation through meticulously crafted atmospheric sections that culminate in a magnificent drop. The original vocals are preserved, nestled within a soundscape that allows them to breathe. The hypnotic rhythm practically begs you to move – this rendition of “That Beat” is guaranteed to get your feet shuffling.

Look no further for your soundtrack to summer bliss. Hit play on Johan Gielen’s remix of Tomcraft’s “That Beat” and let the good vibes flow.