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Orbital Unveils New Single “Tonight In Belfast” Alongside Intriguing Music Video

Pioneering electronic music duo Orbital has released their latest single, Tonight In Belfast”, accompanied by a captivating music video. The track ingeniously blends DJ Helen’s remix of David Holmes’ Belfast with Manchester street poet Mike Garry’s evocative Tonight, offering listeners an enthralling auditory experience.

Released via London Records, the single serves as the opening salvo in Orbital’s tribute to their influential 1991 debut album, The Green Album. This tribute includes a reissue of The Green Album on April 19th, coinciding with a headline UK tour where Orbital will perform the album in its entirety.

Teaming up with Remote Viewer for the music video, Orbital takes viewers on a journey through a dystopian British urban landscape, perfectly complementing the atmospheric essence of the track.

Mike Garry highlights the seamless fusion of his poem Tonight with Orbital’s Belfast, expressing his excitement for the collaboration. Similarly, Orbital and David Holmes express their satisfaction with the transformative nature of the collaboration, elevating the musical narrative to new heights.

Ahead of the upcoming tour, fans have the opportunity to pre-order various formats of the reissued The Green Album. Orbital’s tour is set to kick off in New York and will include appearances at renowned festivals such as Miami’s Ultra Music Festival and the Coachella Festival in California.

Orbital’s latest release adds to their impressive catalog, which includes the acclaimed album Optical Delusion, reaffirming their enduring significance in the electronic music scene.

Experience “Tonight In Belfast” here.