Nicole, the brilliant artist behind the Forgetmyname project, premieres a new song titled “Crazy.” Produced by Isaac Buna, the splendidly curated single blends elements of Pop and Electronic music, which perfectly complement the artist’s spellbinding vocals. The recent track follows the release of “Complex” and “High” that have already garnered thousands of streams across various streaming platforms.

With “Crazy,” Forgetmyname defines feelings of longing and describes the ache of being cut off by one’s lover. The lyrics of the first verse introduces the narrative, “Been tossing in this bed for hours on end/ My hands keep reaching nothing instead/ The smell of your perfume/ All over the room/ Got me falling apart/ I’m falling apart, got me falling apart, I’m falling apart, falling apart.” The Hispanic singer-songwriter lets out her frustration in the chorus, “Still feel you in the room/ Drive and I talk to you/ Done with the ghost of you/ Done with the ghost of you.”

Forgetmyname grew up with a musical family. She owes her diverse and unique sound to her multicultural upbringing, “Music was always playing in all my houses growing up. Whether it was on my moms or dad’s side. I could grasp the lyrics in both Spanish And English fairly quickly at a young age…” The bilingual musician writes about her own life experiences and tries to be as honest as possible with the public. “Crazy,” which is the ideal interpretation of vulnerability and authenticity, will soon be accompanied by a music video. 

Listen to “Crazy” on Spotify:

Listen to “Crazy” on SoundCloud.


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