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Sara Landry

“Prisoner” by Sara Landry and Alex Farell: A Captivating Sonic Journey

Sara Landry, as part of the Class of 2024 and known as the “High Priestess of Hard Techno,” has released her latest single, “Prisoner,” in collaboration with 17-year-old UK producer Alex Farell. The track is an intense blend of techno beats and themes of liberation, challenging listeners to break free from their constraints.

The creation of “Prisoner” was marked by spontaneity and synergy. It began with a simple text message from Landry to Farell when he landed in Amsterdam late last year. Within hours, the two artists had created the track, which Farell debuted during his set at the Verknipt Festival that evening.

“Prisoner” features powerful kicks and rapid-fire techno synths, creating a thrilling and intense atmosphere. The track pushes the boundaries of techno with its relentless energy and compelling vocals that encourage breaking free from limitations.

Alex is one of my favorite producers right now and a regular on HEKATE,” Landry said. “Collaborating with him was an easy decision. ‘Prisoner’ is a track that has been a highlight in my recent sets, and it perfectly showcases our combined production styles. It’s a strong follow-up to ‘Heaven’ and hints at the vibe of my upcoming album.”

Farell shared his excitement about working with Landry. “Sara reached out to collaborate, and we immediately connected creatively. ‘Prisoner’ came together effortlessly and represents both of our styles well,” he said.

The release of “Prisoner” is a significant step for Landry as she prepares to launch her debut album. Known for her intense and dynamic techno sets, Landry continues to push the boundaries of electronic music. “Prisoner” is a testament to her ability to create powerful and engaging music.

Despite his young age, Farell has already made a name for himself in the electronic music scene. His collaboration with Landry on “Prisoner” further establishes him as a rising talent, showcasing his ability to produce complex and captivating techno tracks.

As “Prisoner” gains traction, it highlights the potential of collaborative creativity. Landry and Farell’s combined efforts have resulted in a track that is both a dance floor hit and an exploration of breaking free from constraints. Fans of both artists can look forward to more innovative music as they continue to push the limits of electronic music.