Rising R&b Singer Sam DMaio Releases Debut Single “Easier” Impressing Listeners

Now here’s an artist we should all be following in his career; debutante singer songwriter Sam DMaio is making a lot of noise with his first ever single “Easier,” a mellow r&b masterpiece that relies on simplistic instruments and the artist’s resonating voice.

Everytime an artist puts out their debut work, most of the time we see the potential in their music, but admit there’s some space to grow– not the case with Sam DMaio. The young artist seems to have already developed his voice, which is evident in his mellow romantic track “Easier.” With a slow r&b pacing, Sam DMaio shines by implementing his impressive vocals that match some of the best in the industry, while the track goes into fusion states with rock elements and pop sequences.

Destined for greatness, Sam Dmaio exceeds everyone’s expectations by releasing a classic with “Easier,” which is now available across platforms to purchase and stream. 

You can follow Sam DMaio on: TikTokSpotifyInstagram

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