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Sickick and DMX’s Estate Unveil Riveting Trap Collaboration, “Long Live X”

A seismic new trap track from the enigmatic Sickick has landed, and it features the indomitable spirit of the late DMX.

According to a representative, the masked producer was enlisted by DMX’s estate to help breathe life into an unfinished aspiration of the legendary rapper—creating an EDM album. In an unwavering effort to honor DMX’s dreams, the rapper’s estate provided Sickick with an unreleased hook and verse to kickstart this audacious musical endeavor.

Sickick’s journey in creating the song began back in 2021 when his mashup tribute to DMX initially caught the attention of DMX’s estate. This tribute not only went viral but also resonated with heartfelt essence, paving the way for a deeper exploration into a collaboration that DMX had longed for, albeit in a realm he had yet to explore.

Teaming up with Velvet Cash, this trio of artists fuses explosive rhythm and rhyme. DMX’s commanding presence shines through amid Sickick’s hard-hitting 808s and soaring trap melodies. Velvet Cash adds a smooth vocal contrast with a silky first verse, followed by a verse from Sickick himself.

Sickick shared his thoughts on the collaboration, stating, “DMX’s team told us that his dream was to always make an EDM album, and although he didn’t have that ability to do that before he passed, I made it my goal to try and make that happen. Through months of testing and carefully trying ideas, I finally landed on this EDM Festival Trap direction that I think speaks to his soul and the energy he brought to the grand stage.”

Long Live X” is not just a track; it’s a testament to the resilience of DMX’s legacy, fusing his spirit with contemporary musical elements. This trap collaboration is a high-energy ode to a visionary artist who continues to inspire long after his passing.