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Snavs and John Alto Illuminate the Scene with New Track “Headlights”

In a captivating collaboration, Danish artists Snavs and John Alto join forces to breathe life into their latest track, “Headlights,” released through Steve Aoki‘s Dim Mak Records.

Danish export Snavs, known for pushing creative boundaries, teams up with emerging talent John Alto, also hailing from Denmark, to deliver “Headlights.” This dark progressive house gem combines an enticing vocal element with cinematic melodies. The song immediately draws listeners in with suspenseful and emotive female vocals, enveloped by a euphonious and dynamic bassline that swells and oscillates. “Headlights” boasts versatility, suitable for emotional singalongs and energizing dancefloor moments. The track beautifully showcases the dynamic styles of both Snavs and Alto, spanning genres from alt-rock to heavy bass and everything in between.

As the head of his label, Riotville Records, Snavs is on a mission to continuously push creative boundaries. He’s ventured into diverse musical realms through unconventional collaborations that defy genre norms. These include working with hardcore metal band Telos, legendary Scandinavian rocker Ulf Scott, Søren Buhl of alt-rock group Blaue Blume, and indie singer Karen Lassen. Alto, on the other hand, makes a bold entrance onto the scene with his signature dark, bass-heavy sound that exudes cinematic depth. The pairing of these two artists is truly special.

Reflecting on their collaboration, the artists explain, “The track was inspired by the blending of two different music styles, with the heavier bassline and club rhythm, with the euphoric atmosphere with grand and epic melodies, perfect for anthems and large stages.”

Listen to “Headlights” here.