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Tame Impala Ventures into Electronic Music Instrument Production

Kevin Parker, known for creating Tame Impala‘s iconic soundscapes, has embarked on a new venture with the launch of an electronic music instrument company.

Last week, Tame Impala fans were intrigued to find a new Instagram handle, Telepathic Instruments, linked to the band’s profile. This handle leads to a page that introduces it as “an electronic instruments company started by Tame Impala and associates.” A mysterious website also popped up but reveals little about the company’s specifics.

Currently, Telepathic Instruments’ Instagram features just two posts. One showcases the company’s logo accompanied by a snippet of a heavily distorted synth sound. The other post displays a blurred image of a figure resembling Parker, captioned, “What is bro trying to tell us…”

Parker shared a bit about his musical background, mentioning a Casio keyboard from his childhood. “It was just a little Casio that I’ve had forever. It was technically a synth but not really recognized as one. When I began using the Pro One, I was hooked. Much of Lonerism, my second album, was influenced by my exploration of synths. Although I didn’t dive deep, the distinct sounds of the synths set the tone for each track on the album.”

While specific details about Telepathic Instruments remain scant, enthusiasts can sign up for updates on the company’s website. Submitting an email address prompts a cryptic confirmation: “We’ll be in touch soon. You’ll know it when you hear it.”