The Top 3 Music Production Software To Have

Whether you hit a musical nerve during Covid-19 pandemic or simply cannot get a tune out of your head, music has been around for every mood. If you feel the sudden urge to create music at home, here are a few music production software you should use.

How to Choose Your Production Software

Your Budget

Think of this as an investment, so do not skimp on what’s important. With that being said, there is always free music software out there you can check.

Experience Level

If you’re a newbie, you don’t really have to get too crazy in terms of a Digital Audio Workstation. Start with something that you can easily understand and use.

Mac or PC

The ever-popular debate of Mac or PC also prevails in the music industry. Certain software work better on one and not the other. Choose the format that best first the type of computer you own.

Music Creation Software

Apple Logic Pro X

This is an amazing digital audio workstation, especially for those with a Mac. The best thing about Logic Pro is the interface. It is an excellent tool to help with the music-making process by including track consolidation, instrument layering, an intuitive mixer for plug-in control, and a “score editor” to allow you to create your own MIDI.

Avid Pro Tools

If you’re looking for the mixing and mastering industry standard, then Pro Tools by Avid is a must-have. It gives you the standard ability to compose, record, mix, edit, master, etc.

Propellerhead Reason

Propellerhead Reason is one of the most stable software in music production. You can drag and drop among the interface and it has a relatively fast system.


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