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Tim Bergling Foundation Relaunches “Dance for Life” Initiative

The Tim Bergling Foundation, inspired by the beloved DJ Avicii, recently announced the comeback of its “Dance For Life” initiative on social media. This movement began last year at Polhemskolan high school in Lund, Sweden, to mark Suicide Prevention Day on September 10th. It quickly became a national event, with over 120 schools joining to raise awareness about suicide through dance.

The initiative’s aim is clear: to bring students together with music, creating a supportive space to address suicide prevention and ensure every voice is heard in times of trouble.

“Dance for Life aims to reduce these numbers by increasing awareness and reducing the stigma around mental health and suicide,” the foundation shared. Managed by Avicii‘s family, the Tim Bergling Foundation strives to shine a light on suicide as a critical issue worldwide. Led by Avicii’s father, Klas Bergling, the foundation has organized numerous tributes to honor his memory following his untimely death in April 2018.

The foundation invites schools of all levels, from elementary to adult education, to join this uplifting event. Participating schools will receive choreography to practice and perform, along with valuable tips on discussing and handling mental health and suicide prevention.