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Kasablanca Channels Resilience in Their Latest Single, “Terminal Feeling”

In early 2024, the dance music community felt a deep impact when Kasablanca’s Micky shared his tough battle with cancer. Despite the heavy news, Kasablanca turned this immense challenge into a burst of artistic energy with their new track, “Terminal Feeling.”

Kasablanca Micky, one half of the dynamic duo, had to step back from touring after undergoing urgent surgery and intensive chemotherapy treatments. However, their resolve didn’t waver, and “Terminal Feeling” stands as powerful proof of their unyielding spirit.

Kasablanca has always been known for their triple threat status in the music scene—skilled as live performers, producers, and vocalists. This new single showcases their ability to fuse these talents, delivering a message of endurance and strength. The track mixes fading, upbeat techno rhythms with soft, compelling vocals, creating an atmosphere that is both stirring and uplifting.

Released on Anjunabeats, “Terminal Feeling” crafts a moving story through its sound. The vocals gracefully narrate the battle against illness while celebrating the strength found through making music. It serves as a strong testament to Kasablanca’s knack for turning personal battles into anthems that resonate on dance floors everywhere.