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a.g happy ending

A.G Puts a Unique Spin on Kelela’s “Happy Ending”

London-based artist A.G has just released a captivating remix of Kelela‘s 2023 hit single “Happy Ending.” This innovative take on the track combines Reese bass with skillfully chopped-up breakbeats while preserving the original’s mesmerizing vocals. This remix is just one of the many exciting renditions set to feature on “Rave:N,” Kelela’s upcoming remix album dedicated to her 2023 record “Raven.”

Back in October, Kelela teased her fans with a taste of what was to come by unveiling Karen Nyame KG’s remix of “Contact.” Last month, Flexulant x BAMBII shared their own reimagining of “Closure” featuring Rahrah Gabor and Brazy. The remix album boasts an impressive lineup of talented contributors, including TYGAPAW, Shygirl, Loraine James, DJ Swisha, Yaeji, Liv.e, LEECH, and Kyruh. With a total of 20 tracks, the collection offers a diverse array of sounds and styles.

Notably, the album also includes a fresh take on “Sorbet” by LSDXOXO, who initially contributed as a producer to the original album alongside Yo Van Lenz, AceMo, and Florian T M Zeisig, the ambient duo behind OCA.

Don’t miss the chance to experience A.G‘s unique remix of “Happy Ending.” Give it a listen below, and stay tuned for more exciting releases.