Allan Franzner Stuns Crowds With Revolutionary Art

Allan Franzner just dropped his debut album called Who Pays The Price? The eleven-tracker includes eye-opening songs like “Haven’t You Been Keeping Up With The News?”, “The Flower Blooms”, and “Price Is Pay, Price Is High”. The album is executed in modern pop shades with a rock and roll layer on top as experienced through the guitar and vocals. From heavy riffs and powerful vocals, to a more whispery, charmy tone and punchy beats, from flutes and processed saxophone parts to longer endless guitar leads, this project covers large musical ground.

Allan Franzner is a musician, multi-instrumentalist, writer and producer making music that bridges alternative, heavy rock and some of the most mainstream pop trends of the moment. Truly poetic pieces that swing across many moods, and bring forward statements that lie in the outskirts and corners of mainstream culture, Allan Franzner’s music is very much his own, distinct and recognizable. 

In Who Pays The Price? Franzner tackles themes such as late stage capitalism, the ruling class vs. working class, and the risk of climate catastrophe laced with great sarcasm and comical attitude toward the hyped up lifestyle of the startup culture, patriarchy, abuse, and much more. There is truth to be found in the artist’s works as well as much joy in the complexity of the musical structure. 

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