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Andromedik Unveils Electrifying Drum & Bass Single “With You”

Andromedik, the 25-year-old drum & bass sensation, is back with a breathtaking new single titled With You.” This electrifying track serves as a preview of his upcoming EP set to release in the spring of 2024 and is out now via Liquicity Records. Featuring the soulful vocals of UK-based singer-songwriter Poppy Baskcomb, the song seamlessly blends classic drum & bass elements with a contemporary twist.

“With You” takes listeners on an engaging sonic journey, skillfully merging subtle synths and captivating ambiances. Poppy Baskcomb’s anthemic vocals steal the spotlight, gradually building momentum towards a drop that unleashes a powerful fusion of gritty bass and explosive sound design.

Andromedik’s remarkable performances at Tomorrowland’s Winter festivals in Belgium and Brasil this year have left an indelible mark, notably making him the first drum & bass artist to grace the iconic Tomorrowland mainstage in five years. As anticipation builds for his upcoming EP, Andromedik is gearing up for his inaugural solo show, “Andromedik Invites,” at Trix Antwerp.

Listen to the enthralling drum & bass sounds of “With You” below.