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DI SUN Drops Energetic Techno EP “Love Is Special”

DI SUN takes listeners on an exhilarating techno journey with her latest two-track EP, Love Is Special, released through AfterTraxx. The dynamic release showcases her rapid ascent in the electronic music scene, drawing on classical influences from her early training in the guzheng, a traditional Chinese plucked instrument, combined with a passion for techno inspired by luminaries like Amelie Lens.

In just over a year, DI SUN has made a significant mark, signing her music to renowned labels such as deadmau5’s mau5trap and Adam Beyer’s Drumcode. With a fusion of classical roots and techno flair, she positions herself as an artist to watch in 2024.

Love Is Special captures the essence of peak-time techno, featuring two tracks that captivate with their driving production and hypnotic atmospheres. The title track serves as a dancefloor anthem, characterized by frenetic drums, gritty bass stabs, and distorted basslines—a perfect fit for warehouse sets.

On the flip side, “Incantation” takes a more minimalist approach, immersing listeners in a deep, dark atmosphere. Eerie vocals blend with synth stabs and rumbling basslines, guiding fans through a mystical sonic journey.

As DI SUN continues to explore new frontiers, she plans to incorporate more traditional Chinese and ethnic instruments into her music. This promise hints at an exciting evolution in her already dynamic sound.

Experience the thrilling techno ride of Love Is Special EP by DI SUN, and stay tuned for more groundbreaking releases from this emerging artist.