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deadmau5 & REZZ

deadmau5 & REZZ Team Up for Mind-Blowing Second REZZMAU5 Single “Infraliminal”

The powerhouse duo known for their groundbreaking performances as REZZMAU5 at Canada’s Veld Music Festival this summer, deadmau5 and REZZ have been formidable supporters of each other’s careers from day one. After their initial collaboration in 2021 with “Hypnocurrency,” these two electronic music titans have reunited for a second release titled “Infraliminal,” out now via mau5trap.

Their iconic partnership knows no bounds, and they once again left their global fan base in awe following their headline set as REZZMAU5 at Veld Music Festival in Canada. Known for pushing the envelope in electronic music, they introduced fans to their cutting-edge, future bass-infused style with “Hypnocurrency.” Now, they’ve upped the ante with their latest track, “Infraliminal.”

The anticipation for this release was palpable as they hinted at their studio collaboration in Canada. “Infraliminal” features electrifying beats, pulsating synths, and atmospheric chords, reminiscent of deadmau5’s classic track “Superliminal” from his 2012 album >album title goes here<. REZZ, known for her unique spin on electronic music, adds her touch to the track, creating a mesmerizing fusion of their individual styles.

In her own words, REZZ describes the track: “’Superliminal’ is my favorite deadmau5 track. That’s one of the key songs that stunned me & I immediately had to learn to produce music. I put my own lil spin on it, while Joel also did his own lil spin, and we combined it together for now called ‘Infraliminal.’”

Prepare to be captivated by this forward-thinking collaboration that showcases the boundless creativity of deadmau5 and REZZ.