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Emily De Nando

Emily De Nando’s “Signora” Celebrates Feminine Strength And Cultural Roots

Emily De Nando has recently released her debut single, “Signora,” a powerful anthem that resonates with themes of independence and self-respect, especially among women. The emerging artist’s song is a unique blend of English and Italian lyrics, creating an interesting narrative that highlights her cultural heritage and the universal themes of female empowerment.

In the song, Emily De Nando embraces her Italian origins by incorporating bilingual lyrics, a decision that adds depth and authenticity to the track. “I wanted it to sound special and memorable,” she explains, emphasizing the phrase “I am a lady” – “Sono una signora,” to underline the importance of being proud of one’s femininity. This linguistic blend not only celebrates her heritage but also makes the message of female strength more poignant and memorable.

“Signora” captures the essence of desirability and unattainability through its musical composition and De Nando’s emotive vocal delivery. The single features a compelling mix of classical elegance and a modern vibe, a deliberate choice that reflects her diverse influences. The use of traditional instruments like saxophones and violins alongside modern electronic beats creates a unique sound that mirrors the song’s message about the timeless and evolving nature of femininity.

De Nando‘s vision for “Signora” is clear: to inspire and support women, helping them recognize their worth and strength. “I am so excited and happy for the release of my first single ‘Signora’,” says De Nando. “ I hope I will make women feel strong and empowered and remind them through the song to be proud of our gender and always run free.” Her passionate approach to music and the themes of freedom and equality shine through, making the track a rallying cry for female empowerment.

Watch the official music video below:

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