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CloZee and LSDREAM Unveil Collaborative Project, PSYRYN, with Debut Album and Exclusive Red Rocks Run

CloZee and LSDREAM are set to embark on a sonic journey with their collaborative project, PSYRYN, as they announce the release of a new album and an exclusive Red Rocks run in 2024. The duo will headline at Electric Forest, sharing the stage with other luminaries like Pretty Lights and Subtronics, to debut their cosmic, bass-infused vision.

Scheduled for release next spring, the album promises to showcase the seamless blend of CloZee and LSDREAM’s signature styles. The collaboration emerged organically, evolving from initial plans for a few tracks into a complete musical experience that became the PSYRYN album.

CloZee expressed her excitement about the project, stating, “It’s an amazing and inspiring journey to work with LSDREAM on PSYRYN. I’ve always been a big fan of Sami’s art and vision, so it’s a dream to develop and create a whole musical experience together.”

Fans can mark their calendars for a two-night Red Rocks run in October 2024, where PSYRYN will treat the audience to unique sets each night. According to a post on X by CloZee, these shows will be the only solo headlining performances outside of music festivals for PSYRYN in the coming year.

The duo hinted at additional festival dates for 2024, building anticipation for more opportunities to experience the captivating synergy between CloZee and LSDREAM. The project holds special significance for LSDREAM, who expressed, “This project means so much to me on a personal and artistic level. Creating such a deep and expansive body of work with one of my favorite artists is a dream come true.”

Follow CloZee and LSDREAM on their respective social media platforms for updates and exclusive content leading up to the album release and the debut performances of PSYRYN. As electronic music continues to evolve, collaborations like PSYRYN exemplify the genre’s ability to push boundaries and create immersive musical experiences.

Stay tuned for an enchanting fusion of soundscapes as PSYRYN takes center stage in the electronic music scene, starting with their Electric Forest debut and culminating in the breathtaking Red Rocks performances.