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LSDREAM Commences His Journey to a New Album with a Wobbly 4-Track EP, “HEARTWAVE”

Bass music sensation LSDREAM has officially ushered in a new era of his music journey. Just a day prior to his monumental doubleheader performance at Red Rocks, he announced his upcoming project and gave fans a tantalizing glimpse of what lies ahead. Taking to X (formerly Twitter), LSDREAM declared the initiation of his “album journey” and unveiled the first four tracks in a fresh EP titled HEARTWAVE.

The EP commences with “RAD,” a collaboration featuring Joey Valence, Brae, and Xotix, embodying all the hallmark elements of an LSDREAM classic. The track presents bold hip-hop vocals that seamlessly transition into an infectious beat teeming with wobbly bass and kaleidoscopic textures. Following this, “LFG” (featuring GorillaT) introduces a groovy vibe accentuated by robust brass hits, vinyl scratches, and deep growls.

Continuing his mission to spread positivity, LSDREAM teamed up with Elephant Heart for “OPERATE,” a track designed to awaken our inner power. Slow and deliberate, the song juxtaposes its bubbling bass with metallic sounds and empowering vocals, offering both inspiration and an energetic boost.

The EP’s most experimental creation, “ELASTIC,” marks the second collaboration with Xotix and features Ruby Chase. The track begins with sultry vocals, introducing a lo-fi wobble that constantly evolves as its catchy refrain, “I’m feeling wavy man,” echoes throughout.

HEARTWAVE is now available for listening. As of the time of this writing, LSDREAM has not confirmed a title or release date for his upcoming album.