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Eran Hersh: A Nostalgic Journey with “Born in ’84”

Internationally acclaimed DJ and producer Eran Hersh has unveiled his newest single ‘Born in ’84’. It’s a track that encapsulates a nostalgic journey, combined with Hersh’s distinctive blend of deep house and progressive beats.

Right from the outset, ‘Born in ’84’ transports listeners back in time with its retro-inspired rhythms and melodies. The track is a sonic representation of Hersh’s mastery over his craft, his knack for storytelling through music, and his ability to evoke emotions through a potent mix of melodic hooks and deep house beats.

The song is a testament to Eran Hersh’s skill in creating music that resonates with audiences and captures the zeitgeist of an era. ‘Born in ’84’ is characterized by its pulsating rhythm, an infectious melody that lingers, and a deep, enveloping bassline that underpins the entire track. These elements come together to create a song that is at once nostalgic and fresh, evoking memories while keeping listeners firmly rooted in the present.

To commemorate the release of ‘Born in ’84’, Eran Hersh is set to perform at the renowned Miami Music Week on March 22, 2024. This performance is anticipated to be a journey through Hersh’s versatile discography, featuring his most loved tracks and giving fans a taste of his unique blend of deep house and progressive beats.

In essence, ‘Born in ’84’ is an embodiment of Eran Hersh’s musical philosophy. It’s a track that tells a story, creates an atmosphere, and leaves a lasting impression on the listener. As fans anticipate his performance at Miami Music Week, ‘Born in ’84’ continues to make waves across the electronic music scene.


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