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ILLENIUM, Excision, and Wooli Team Up to Reimagine The Cranberries’ “Zombie”

Three of the bass music superstars, ILLENIUM, Wooli, and Excision, have collaborated to bring a new life to The Cranberries’ timeless alt-rock classic, “Zombie.” This rework takes a bold and compelling departure from its source material, infusing the 1994 classic with a fresh sound.

The new version of “Zombie” features haunting vocals by Valerie Broussard, setting the stage with emotionally charged vocals that create a soundscape filled with tension. As the song progresses into the first of three drops, it introduces lush and ethereal synths, evoking a sense of grandeur and euphoria.

However, the mood takes an exhilarating turn in the second drop as growling dubstep dominates, offering a striking contrast from the soaring melodies of the first drop. This transformation adds an additional layer of energy to the track, showcasing the masterful play of dynamics between the three prolific producers.

“Zombie” made its debut during Wooli’s set at Bass Canyon and has been teased at other major festivals like Lost Lands. This collaboration is a standout moment in a busy season for all three artists. You can find “Zombie” on various streaming platforms.