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William Black and ILLENIUM Deliver "My Own Advice," Embracing Imperfection

William Black and ILLENIUM Deliver “My Own Advice,” Embracing Imperfection

In a world that often demands perfection, melodic bass maestros William Black and ILLENIUM offer a poignant reminder that it’s okay not to be okay at times. Their latest collaboration, “My Own Advice,” featuring the captivating vocals of Alana Springsteen, serves as a musical dialogue between longtime friends who’ve found a harmonious balance between their distinctive musical identities.

Unlike their previous collaboration, “Superhero,” a drum & bass track released on the deluxe edition of ILLENIUM’s Fallen Embers album in 2021, “My Own Advice” sees the duo return to their signature sounds. Opening with a simple guitar progression, the track gracefully weaves in Alana Springsteen’s vocals, building up to an anthemic drop. The song is a heartfelt exploration of self-acceptance and resilience.

In an era of polished perfection, “My Own Advice” is a refreshing departure, embracing the beauty of imperfection. It encourages introspection and speaks to the heart, reminding listeners that it’s okay to give themselves some grace.

The track masterfully blends ILLENIUM’s expertise in crafting soaring melodies and high-energy moments with Black’s ethereal and introspective touches. As the final single before William Black unveils his third studio album, this release sets the stage for an album that not only resonates with the ears but also tugs at the heartstrings.

Black’s upcoming album, The Nature of Hope, is highly anticipated, promising a musical journey of self-love and confidence. Although the release date is yet to be announced, fans can rest assured that the album is complete.

Additionally, William Black is set to take The Nature of Hope on tour, with the journey beginning in February 2024. Tickets for the tour go on sale on Friday, October 20th at 10 am PST. For more information about the tour and updates, visit here.

Listen to “My Own Advice” and embrace the imperfection it beautifully portrays.