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Dirt Monkey

Dirt Monkey’s Unpredictable Album “MYCELIUM SOUND PT. 1” Takes Listeners on a Bass-Infused Adventure

Dirt Monkey, the dubstep sensation, is back with a fascinating album, MYCELIUM SOUND PT. 1, that embraces genre-blending to deliver a musical adventure like no other. This album is just the tip of the iceberg, with a “deep dubstep counterpart” named MYCELIUM SOUND PT. 2 set to follow shortly.

In this album, Dirt Monkey’s signature style takes on a life of its own, encompassing a myriad of musical influences, from drum & bass to house, dancehall, and even Jersey club. As unpredictable as it is thrilling, MYCELIUM SOUND PT. 1 showcases Dirt Monkey’s exceptional talent in defying musical boundaries.

One standout track, “BUTTER KNIFE,” is a testament to Dirt Monkey’s inventive sampling prowess. Here, he reimagines Chaka Demus & Pliers’ 1993 song “Bam Bam,” crafting it into a filthy reggaestep masterpiece. Collaborating with the timeless Ragga Twins duo, Dirt Monkey channels the same energy into “CUT TO THE CHASE,” creating a fierce hybrid of jungle and drum & bass.

The wonky cut “RESET BUTTON” is a must-listen, a quintessential Dirt Monkey dubstep banger that fans will instantly connect with. “TELLIN ME” provides another dimension to his repertoire, with warm saws cutting through a forest of fluttering arpeggios.

Dirt Monkey’s MYCELIUM SOUND PT. 1 is a true musical odyssey that explores uncharted territory. As we anticipate the release of MYCELIUM SOUND PT. 2 on October 25, 2023, we can only imagine the further surprises and innovations that Dirt Monkey has in store for his fans.

Stay tuned for a musical experience like no other, and follow Dirt Monkey on social media to keep up with his exciting journey.