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Interview: Viviana Casanova On “Vass Intentions” EP and Exciting New Project in the Making

Techno and House music icon, Viviana Casanova, had a remarkable year with fresh releases and energizing performances. What’s impressive is how Casanova maintains consistently high-quality standards. As the founder of VASSNOVA label, she pushes boundaries in the electronic music realm. Her latest 3-track EP, “Vass Intentions,” showcases Casanova’s evolution and mastery in the Techno genre. The EP, featuring tracks like “Vass Intentions,” “After This World,” and “Stop That,” was the best gift from Viviana to her fans.

As she gears up for upcoming shows in diverse locations including District Club in France, L’Abarset in Andorra and Studio Club in Malaga, her magnetic performances reaffirm her standing as a force in electronic music.

We recently sat down with Viviana for an exclusive interview.

Q: How does it feel to return to Vassnova for this release, and how does “Vass Intentions” represent your evolution within the Techno genre?

A: I am always very excited to release on my label Vassnova since it was created in 2020 to be able to release my own music without hesitation, because I am in control and I have no limits so it’s where I am 100% me. “Vass Intentions”, as the name says, is a declaration of intentions since it undoubtedly perfectly represents the organic evolution of my music towards Techno.

Q: Tell us about the three tracks on “Vass Intentions.” What inspired the creation of each track, and do they convey a particular theme or message collectively?

A: The main track that gives its name to the EP is “Vass Intentions”, I could say that it’s like a continuity of “Body Rock” since they are very similar tracks, they include drums that transport me to the Break and Hip hop that I used to listen to when I was little. I have always liked productions that are quite chaotic but at the same time everything together makes sense and that is how “Vass Intentions” was born.

“After This World” was a track I made on a flight to Colombia. Inspired by the trip and what would be my second time in Medellín, I took the laptop and on the flight I made 2 tracks, one of them was ATW.

“Stop That” started out as a very different track than what it became. I finished an idea and after 6 months I opened it again and decided to completely transform it. I wanted the third track of the EP to be something more melodic but just as energetic as the rest of tracks, without a doubt for me it is the icing on the cake.

Q: Having primarily released singles in the past, what inspired the decision to create an EP now?

A: I really wanted to make a more elaborate release on my label before the end of the year, as I had only released singles to date. I wanted to make an EP where people could identify and understand even more my current sound that evolves every year.

Q: What emotions or thoughts are running through your mind as you recently shared “Vass Intentions”
with your audience?

A: “Vass Intentions” is inspired by this entire year 2023, which has been incredible, I thought it would be difficult to beat 2022 but it has been completely different and much more inspiring thanks also to the Vassnova label.

Without a doubt my greatest inspiration and motivation is the label and the music we receive, thanks to this combo added to all the shows this year, “Vass Intentions” EP was born.

Q: Were there any challenges or breakthrough moments while working on “Vass Intentions”?

A: Yes, there are always little things and for this EP I remember that it was very difficult for me to find the perfect master for the track “Vass Intentions”. It is a much more complex track with many elements compared to the other two.

Q: What inspires you the most to create?

A: It inspires me to discover new music and thanks to Vassnova we get tracks that would be impossible to find on my own, they are very specific sounds and I think that after 3 years the artists have understood what we like and we get such incredible music that this is my greatest inspiration.

Q: Which artists inspire you or have inspired you and why?

A: Without a doubt my greatest inspiration on a musical level is the group The Prodigy.

Q: Do you typically enjoy collaborating with other artists? How do you go about choosing your collaborations? Who’s your dream collaborator?

A: I like to collaborate with other artists but at the same time I am very cautious when I do it, I need to know the artist and know that we are going to fit in with what we do because I like their style, even if it has nothing to do with me, I do like what they do. I know it’s going to work.

Making an official remix of The Prodigy would be one of my dreams.

Q: Finally, what can we anticipate from you in 2024? Are there any exciting projects or performances on the horizon?

A: 2024 is coming even more special, each year is a different and motivating.
I’m preparing an EP for a very special label.
At Vassnova releases every month and new collaborations/remixes.
In February I am going to perform in Pucon (Chile), it is a commune where I lived for the last 3 years before going to live in Spain (2004), so returning after 20 years for me will be something very special and unique.

Added to festivals in the summer that I had yet to cross off my list and new countries and cities that I have not been to yet and will visit in 2024.