Jade LeMac Breaks Barriers With Dark Pop Single “Meet You In Hell”

Following “Aimed to Kill” and “Same Place,” Vancouver-based singer-songwriter Jade LeMac returns with another impressive single called “Meet You In Hell.” The Dark Pop track, which is the first official release under Arista Records, comes with a visually breathtaking music video directed by Sterling.  

“Meet You In Hell” tells the story of a toxic relationship from “the point of view of someone who is tired of being hurt, and ends up giving their partner a taste of their own medicine. It encapsulates the feeling of ‘you hurt me? I’ll show you what real pain feels like.’ This song is made for the people who aren’t getting what they deserve.”

The lyrics convey that venomous urge for revenge, “Your love is like a forest fire/ Flames are the words that you rеplied/ Soon you’ll meet me again/ You’ll wish you nevеr sped/ Wish that you were dead/ I’ll come down/ And I give you some time/ Runaway, then I chase you in the night.”

“Look me in my eyes/ I know that you’re scared/ You see yourself/ And you cry for help/ Look me in my eyes/ Tell me it’s not fair/ If you taught me well/ I’ll meet you in hell,” sings the 18-year-old, who says that “Meet You In Hell” is “about karma, anger and revenge.” The multi-talented artist explains, “Being in a relationship where you’re getting the shorter end of the straw is exhausting, and being hurt by a person you care so deeply about is traumatizing.”

LeMac reveals having a blast during the making of the music video. She says, “The director, Sterling, and his crew were able to capture some amazing moments that really showcased the emotions, and told the story of the song so well. On top of that, the colors, the sets, and the outfits all fit the song so perfectly!”

Recently, the multi-instrumentalist also announced that she will be releasing her EP Constellations on February 10, 2023. With over 30 million streams under her belt, Jade LeMac continues to rise and establish herself as one of the most talented and promising artists in the Pop genre, thanks to songs like “Meet You In Hell.”

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