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John Summit

John Summit announces release date for Debut Album, “Comfort in Chaos”

It’s been an incredible year for John Summit. After electrifying audiences at BMO Stadium, Coachella, and EDC Las Vegas, and being named the new face of Bose, the house music star is now ready for another milestone: the release of his debut album, “Comfort In Chaos”.

Set to release on July 12th via Darkroom and his own Experts Only label, the album is expected to highlight Summit’s growth as an artist. With 12 tracks, Summit calls “Comfort In Chaos” his “most introspective work to date.” This album offers a deeper insight into his artistic journey, featuring a blend of emotional and melodic elements that set it apart from his previous work.

“Comfort In Chaos” includes his recent collaboration with Sub Focus, “Go Back“, a track that has already received significant attention in the dance music community. Additionally, the album features “Where You Are” and “Shiver“, both of which are global dance hits released with Hayla, showcasing Summit’s talent for creating music that resonates worldwide.

To accompany the album’s release, there will be a special two-part vinyl edition, aptly titled “Comfort” and “Chaos”, reflecting the dual themes in the music. Fans can purchase this unique vinyl set through his website, adding a tangible piece of Summit‘s artistry to their collections.

In a press release, Summit discussed the themes and personal significance of the album: “The main theme of this album is finding peace in chaos. This is a more emotional and melodic body of work for me because it’s deeply introspective. John Summit is my stage persona, but when I write music, I become more vulnerable. Writing this album required me to shift from the mindset of John Summit to John Schuster, my real name.”

Summit’s insights provide fans with a rare look into his creative process, highlighting the difference between his public persona and his private self. Creating “Comfort In Chaos” involved not just musical innovation but also personal growth as he navigated the complexities of his dual identity.