Mack Imagine Captivate Listeners With Immersive New Single “Don’t Give Up On Me Yet”

Following “Girl Of My Dreams” and “Change Your Mind,” Mack Imagine share a new song via Imagine That Records. Southern California Pop Duo Matthew Zeko and Jack Brady fight the demons inside their heads in the melancholic track “Don’t Give Up On Me Yet.” 

Thanks to its enchanting melodies and hypnotizing vocals, “Don’t Give Up On Me Yet” ignites the senses and lures in the listeners. Incorporating contemporary beats, classic guitar sounds, and delicate piano chords the gloomy track delivers the ultimate sonic experience.

“Don’t Give Up On Me Yet” is one of the most authentic and delicate songs of recent times. It captures the fear of losing a loved one in the darkest hours. It’s about someone who is trying to come out of a dark place and fend off troubling thoughts, but at the same time is worried that the person in front of them will leave while they are busy finding themselves.

People instantly connect with the poetic lyrics that say, “And I’m starting to feel like I’m losing myself/ In a morning that won’t seem to end/ And I’m starting to feel like I’m losing my touch/ So tell me am I asking too much?/ For you to/ Pull me from the dark my love/ I can’t seem to see the light I’m stuck underwater/ Can’t catch my breath/ Promise I’m trying/ Don’t give up on me yet.”

Mack Imagine began to “make cover songs, and perform just for fun, but by the time the pandemic started, they realized that their lonely songs could become so much more.” The duo has come a long way since they first started. They will surely evolve into one of the most proficient artists if they continue releasing tracks  like “Don’t Give Up On Me Yet.”

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