Premiere | Eventually Epic Present A Nostalgic New Song & Music Video “Grey”

Let the world melt away as you crank up the volume and fall into a deeply contemplative mood with “Grey”, a new stunning single from the American band Eventually Epic. Lush acoustics intertwine with majestic vocal performance, creating a nostalgic, desolate aura, instantly grounding the listener in the song. A story of love, long gone, a relationship that is no more – there is so much beauty in these soul-stirring arpeggios and harmonies, one simply cannot get enough! “Grey” arrives alongside a music video set in NYC and executed in calm, dim grey shades. 

The unique interpretive dance, choreographed and performed by Jillian Linkowski and Razvan Stoian from Battery Dance, captures the nostalgia of a couple in love who have carried each other through thick and thin. The music video for Grey will be premiered at Battery Dance NOW, a program of three contemporary dance works, from Mar 8th (Wed) to Mar 11th (Sat) at the Theater at NY Live Arts in Chelsea, with tickets available here

Armed with an unconventional combination of acoustic guitars, a keytar and killer harmonies, Eventually Epic is an American band mostly known for their singles “Breaking Free,” “Shoes” and “Khafa,” all dropped since the launch of their music career in 2019. Coming from diverse musical and cultural backgrounds, they deliver the goods across various genres including classic rock, contemporary pop, Bollywood tunes and Indian folk/fusion.

So fall in love with the emotive sounds of “Grey”, another powerful release by a fast-rising band Eventually Epic, who promise more fresh music in the near future!


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