Virgo Is Manhattan’s Newest Nightclub for House Music Enthusiasts

The newest house music nightclub in Manhattan is announced by a sign from the stars. The Lower East Side’s 3,000-square-foot venue Virgo aims to revive the house music culture in the most populous borough of New York.

“Unlike Brooklyn, Lower Manhattan hasn’t had a great lounge in electronic, house, and disco in recent years,” said co-founder Thatcher Shultz in a statement, per Thrillist. “Now that the city’s consumers have developed a taste for these genres, Virgo offers them a premium music and nightlife experience around them.”

Brooklyn is the center of New York’s dance music scene, from Avant Gardner’s gorgeous Williamsburg complex, which draws the most well-known DJs in the world, to Teksupport’s all-night techno takeovers of vast Bushwick warehouses. The community-based concept of house music is not well reflected in the experiences offered by newly established Manhattan clubs like Nebula and Somewhere Nowhere, which still curate exceptional talent.

The goal of Virgo is to provide a unique experience in Manhattan’s nightlife ecology by placing a strong emphasis on sound, ambiance, and lighting.

“We invested heavily into our sound and lighting equipment because we know how important they are to the house and electronic scene specifically,” said co-founder Duncan Abdelnour. “Lights and effects offer an added sensory element that can help build up excitement and emotion. And our world-class speakers and equipment ensure DJs don’t have to compromise their sound to play in Manhattan.”

The Virgo style includes unique LED lighting walls, infinity mirror installations, teal upholstery, and a purple concrete bar. The facility also features a shag-carpeted dance floor with a Boiler Room aesthetic outside the main area. The club also brought in a top-notch VOID sound system from the United Kingdom to deliver sound.

The official opening date of Virgo was November 18, even though it has been presenting concerts since September. Popular DJs who have recently played at Virgo include Hector Romero, Natasha Diggs, and Grammy Award-winning musician David Morales.

Find out more about Virgo via the club’s website.


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