Accomplished singer-songwriter Dalila Mya, mostly known for Mya Project, introduces the first single off her anticipated forthcoming album Dystopia. The track, titled “Rain,” is accompanied by a self-directed music video that proposes general questions about life and human existence, reflecting on the song’s contemplative theme.

The music video for “Rain” follows short stories of multiple characters, including the one of a homeless veteran and his pet, played by Harwood Gordon and Dalila’s dog; Jasper. The renowned British actor, who has also been in Soulsavers’ “Take me back home,” sleeps on the streets, next to a cardboard poster that says, “Once I was like you.” 

“Rain” gives a preview of the upcoming LP, Dystopia, which will be released under Mya Project at the beginning of next year. Having studied Physics and sound engineering, Dalila adopts unconventional techniques to create her music. Inspired by meditation, yoga, and the science of sound, she has her own approach to producing songs.

Mya views the world through her own unique eyes. She emulates her inner thoughts and feelings in the most poetic way possible, “We have lost connection – again/ Shaking earth/ Unexpected shock/ Life is what you ask for only sometimes fearless thoughts of mental revolution you won’t change/ changing all the familiar patterns giving away/ all you can be all you have been through is it that real?”

Traveling across Germany, England, Italy, and the United States, Mya has collaborated with different bands from various cities of the world. Since launching her electro acoustic music project in 2014, Dalila has released many inspirational songs like “Rain.”

Watch the official video for “Rain” here:

Listen to “Rain” on Spotify:


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