Get To Know 2Kee: Interview With The Outstanding Artist About His Latest Album

Versatile musician 2Kee has been receiving loads of love for his recent album release called Motivation, a collection of the artist’s best work so far. The diverse album includes 25-well-written compositions with each song coming at a different vibe and sub-genre. Luckily, we got to interview the one-of-a-kind artist in an exclusive interview, so enjoy!

Your latest album Motivation is a collection of 25 diverse songs. How did you decide on including a large number of songs within an album and were there ones that didn’t make it to the album?

Well thanks for having me. The decision for the large number of songs was based on the vibe, sounds, and feelings I was trying to present to match its title Motivation.

It was countless hours of replaying songs and just finding which ones fit with the album. As for the songs that aren’t on this project, no worries they will be on my next album that is already being put together. Stay tuned.

What other genre of music are you looking to incorporate in your future albums?

Pop, Techno, Jazz and Gospel/Inspirational 

What would be your dream venue to perform at? 

I dream of performing for a sold out AT&T Stadium or Great Strahov Stadium.

If you weren’t a musician what would you have been?

I’m really not sure if I would want to be anything else apart from a musician but I do love helping people when I have it so maybe I can imagine I would be an engineer or billionaire humanitarian or philanthropist.

Where do you plan to venture musically after Motivation?

I am currently in the process of opening a music academy I created in honor of my father named the “Anthony D. Sanvee Music Academy Inc.” which will be giving a lot of opportunity to the youths to learn and improve their musical abilities in a safe space and conducive environment while giving them the tools, adequate education and inspiration to be the best musicians they can be.

What kind of musical legacy are you planning on leaving?

I want people to know that I am original when it comes to music. My legacy is to be heard by billions of people and for the “Anthony D. Sanvee Music Academy” In honor of my father to be even bigger.

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