Premiere | “God Will Be My Peace”: Peg Luke Unleashes The Power Of Music

Incredible artist who always remains true to herself—Peg Luke unleashes the power of music with “God Will Be My Peace”. Spanning a little over two and a half minutes, the song features heavenly vocals and back-vocals alongside classical piano melody that after the first verse, blossom into an even more stunning sound so emotive and vibrant, the listeners will be hitting replay again and again! “I listened to a great amount of classical music growing up. I was also a big fan of groups like Chicago, The Carpenters, Roberta Flack and so many more. I reflect back and must admit I have incredible admiration for the composer, Aaron Copland. I love his music and his inspiration to his listening audience. I try to use his concepts in my music when I can,” Luke revealed her inspirations in an interview

An Emmy- and Grammy-nominated artist with huge acclaim, Luke certainly knows how to captivate her audience, whether it be by leveraging her beautiful vocals or by creating this warm, familiar ambience within her music that keeps listeners coming back for more. She just recently released “Almighty, Victorious,” a single that incorporated a truly magical combination of bagpipes and the Irish fiddle, also themed around faith and believing in God’s graciousness. With thousands upon thousands of streams and subscribers, Peg Luke seems to be on the right path in discovering new audiences and sharing her authentic music with them. 

“I think the general public understands classical music more than we want to give them credit for,” Luke said, when asked about classical music and its role in modern society. “They hear it all the time, in commercials, social media, comics, movies, etc. The music most people listen to today has developed out of the music we associate with the classics. I think there is a thread that attaches all music together. You can’t make people listen to a certain type of music, you have to bring it to them.” Peg Luke has several new pieces lined up for release, so stay tuned for more!


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