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marbey "is is you?"

Marbey’s “Is It You?” Video Is A Cinematic Journey To The Past 

Armenia’s electro-pop diva, Marbey, has unraveled a new chapter of sonic artistry with her single “Is It You?” A song steeped in the melancholic beauty of yearning and remembrance, it is an ode to the golden eras of music, integrating elements of ‘80s pop, disco, R&B, and experimental electronic sounds.

“Is It You?” serves as Marbey’s first journey into the world of original songwriting, marking her evolution as an artist. With her ingenuity and the lyrical prowess of Lilith Khumaryan and Raffi Hayrapet, the song is a symphony of eclectic sounds and evocative words, narrating a story of a love lost and the deep longing that follows. 

Music and lyrics converge in a harmonious dance, as Miqayel Voskanyan’s production and arrangements, enhanced by the craftsmanship of Raffi Hayrapet and Jack Aprat, breathe life into the composition. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Sergey Gasparyan at Alpha Sound Studio, the song’s chorus echoes “Is it you? Is it you? I wanna change my life; I wanna be with you.”

marbey "is is you?"

Visual storytelling ascends to new heights in the accompanying video, an aesthetic experience that complements the song’s emotional depth. The viewer is first greeted with the serene image of Marbey, reclined in a classic car amidst a vast green field—a striking amalgamation of tranquility and anticipation. 

As the scene shifts, Marbey, adorned in a captivating red dress, graces a retro-lit stage, evoking the enigmatic charm of old Hollywood. The elegance of yesteryears is juxtaposed against a montage of mesmerizing special effects, as the talented singer’s image multiplies, resonating with the song’s electro beats.

The single is a beautiful blend of the past and present, offering listeners a soul-stirring experience, and ushering them into a realm where every note is a doorway to a story untold. As the echoes of “I miss you baby, I want you baby” linger in the air, audiences are left ensnared, reminiscing and losing themselves in the embrace of lost love.

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